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Amazon Internship Opportunities for Data Science Freshers | Bangalore, India

by arsathnatheem
Amazon Data Science Summer Internship Traning


Amazon is seeking a Data Scientist to help optimise one of the world’s most complex logistics systems. Academic and/or practical experience in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Operations Research, or Process Control are especially advantageous for this role. Additionally, experience integrating model-based engineering tools and/or doing multidisciplinary analysis and optimization is a plus.


Data Science Intern


Bangalore, India


Significant Responsibilities:

  • Utilize data analysis and statistical techniques to produce solutions that enhance the customer experience and inform business decision-making.
  • Identify drivers and causes of business challenges and implement novel forecasting and prediction techniques
  • Develop, organise, and execute assessments to identify areas of potential and to give written business recommendations
  • As a leader of quantitative analysis, you will collaborate with numerous teams to build solutions that adhere to the highest standards of analytical rigour and data integrity.
  • Analyze and resolving business issues at their source


  • Pursuing a master’s degree or an equivalent advanced degree from a top-tier technology school
  • Extensive knowledge of R/SAS/Matlab and SQL
  • Excellent Microsoft Office Abilities, with an emphasis on Excel.
  • Capacity for problem solving and an enthusiasm for large data
  • Outstanding communication and presenting abilities English is fluent in both written and spoken form.


  • A master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, statistics, mathematics, or a related technical subject, or an equivalent advanced degree.
  • Preference will be given to those with hands-on experience and project-based learning in computer science, engineering, or mathematics.
  • Academic experience with data manipulation/transformation, model selection, training, cross-validation, and large-scale deployment.
  • Academic or professional experience with machine learning and deep learning toolkits such as MXNet, TensorFlow, Caffe, and PyTorch.
  • Academic knowledge of big data systems such as Apache Spark and Hadoop.
  • Familiarity with Python, R, and SQL data processing.
  • Proficiency with AWS AI/ML services, notably Amazon EMR, AWS Lambda, SageMaker, Machine Learning, IoT, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 Container Service, and Green Grass, is highly desirable.

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